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Queen Maeve Throw Blanket

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Cuddle up under it or hang it on your wall. This jacquard woven throw blanket Is 95%cotton/5% polyester and perfect to keep you cozy and warm.

Featuring the fierce warrior Queen Maeve (Medb) who, legend has it, is buried on top of Knocknarea mountain in Sligo, my hometown. She is a main feature of one of Ireland’s ancient epic tales from the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology - ‘An Táin Bó Cúailnge’, the cattle raid of Cooley.

Details on the throw include the brown Bull of Cooley (Donn Cuailgne) and the white bull Finnbhennach, Knocknarea mountain and Rathcroghan (Co. Roscommon), the seat of Maeve’s power.
One sided, reverse shows enchanting negative version of the image.
Size: 72” x 54”

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