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The Salmon Of Knowledge Throw Blanket

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One of Ireland's most well known stories, the Salmon Of Knowledge was said to have eaten nine hazelnuts from nine hazel trees surrounding the Well of Wisdom and it gained all of the knowledge in the world. The first person to eat the flesh of the fish would gain this knowledge.

It features in a boyhood tale of Fíonn Mac Cumhaill who at the time served his master Finnegas. After seven years of trying to catch the fish in the Boyne river, Finnegas finally succeeded. He order Fíonn to cook it for him. Fíonn burned his thumb on the fish and stuck it in his mouth to sooth it, unwittingly gaining the knowledge for himself.

This design is based off of my mural in Foxford, Co. Mayo.

Cuddle up under it or hang it on your wall. This jacquard woven throw blanket is 95% cotton/5% polyester and perfect to keep you cozy and warm.

One sided, reverse shows enchanting negative version of image.
Size: 60” x 50”

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